About Us

inkyRepertoire blog started as a means of self expression and because blogging became popular at the time when the blog started. Over time, it has grown to become much more than that.

Run by two budding writers sharing decades of friendship and a love for writing and the arts, the inkyRepertoire blog is a robust blog that seeks to help new African writers find clarity to questions they’re confused about. Through the blog, the writers hone their craft while educating themselves.

At one time, the blog closed because of life’s pressures, the illness of loved ones, job loss and the financial insecurity that led to the loss of our domain name and a lack of motivation. There was a feeling of despair that made us tired from within and we simply refused to write.

However, the writers realised that writing is power so they teamed up to create the current blog. This is the main reason why we added new categories to the blog; to refresh the knowledge you have while providing you with our point of view on many topics. While we are at it, we lighten things up with short stories, poems, and the occasional non-fiction. Most of our non-fiction is sent anonymously, and we try to keep the author’s identity. So if you would like us to tell your story, send us a message and we will reach out to you.

Onome Frank started out writing an agony aunt column and soon branched out to corporate writing and social media management. Over her writing career, she has written and edited articles and books for local and international blogs on topics ranging from real estate to religion. She also holds a master’s degree in environmental management.

Damilola Olaniyi started writing with poetry. In 2006, she staged her play The Pains of Childhood before a live audience. Since then, she has written several short films and shot a documentary. Some of her writings have appeared in The Daily Sun, Nigerian Pilot, The Writing Disorder and Kalahari Review. Her story collection and children’s books are set for release in July and November 2019.

If you want to chat, we’re live on social media. Follow us and let’s encourage one another through our writing journey! We look forward to hearing from you.